Sustainable Farming: India's Challenge - SRIRAM's Insight

  Nov 20, 2023

Sustainable Agriculture in India

Q: Why does India need to re-examine its agricultural policy?

A: To address current national imperatives, mitigate climate change impacts, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make agriculture less water-intensive.

Q: What is the impact of climate change on agriculture?

A: Climate change can lead to increased frequency of extreme weather events, impacting water resources, reducing crop yields, and affecting food security.

Q: How can farming become more sustainable?

A: By adopting practices like crop diversification, efficient water usage, use of renewable energy, and improving soil health to reduce dependency on chemical inputs.

Q: What are the benefits of crop diversification?

A: It reduces reliance on a single crop, mitigates risk, improves soil health, and can lead to better market stability and income security for farmers.

Q: How can technology contribute to sustainable farming?

A: Advanced technologies, such as precision agriculture, sensor-equipped drones, and smart irrigation systems, can enhance resource efficiency and crop management.

Q: What are the challenges in shifting from water-intensive crops?

A: There is a need for policy stabilization, improved market access, and incentives for farmers to shift to less water-dependent crops.

Q: What role does government policy play in sustainable agriculture?

A: Government policies can provide the framework for sustainable practices, offer subsidies for eco-friendly practices, and invest in research for developing sustainable farming methods.

Q: How can sustainable agriculture benefit the economy?

A: It can lead to long-term economic gains by ensuring food security, reducing import dependency, and potentially opening new markets for sustainable products.


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