Humanoid Robots: Global Trends, Indian Innovations

  Dec 08, 2023

Humanoid robots

Humanoid robots, designed to resemble and mimic human actions, are used in various sectors for different applications. Here are some of the uses:

1. Healthcare: They assist in patient care, rehabilitation, and therapy sessions.

2. Education: Humanoid robots can serve as interactive teaching aids, helping with language learning and special education.

3. Customer Service: They are employed in reception areas of hotels, airports, and public service offices to interact with customers and provide information.

4. Entertainment: Robots like ASIMO or those at theme parks serve as entertainers or guides.

5. Research and Development: They are used to study bipedal movement, human-robot interaction, and artificial intelligence.

6. Space Exploration: Humanoid robots, like those planned for Mars missions, can perform tasks in environments hazardous to humans.

7. Daily Living Assistance: For the elderly or individuals with disabilities, humanoid robots can assist with everyday tasks, improving quality of life.

8. Search and Rescue Operations: In disaster zones, humanoid robots can navigate debris and assist in locating survivors.

9. Manufacturing: They can work alongside humans in factories, taking on tasks that are repetitive or dangerous.

In India, the development of humanoid robots is growing, with examples like IIT Bombay’s Vyommitra, which is intended for space missions, and Manav, IIT Kanpur’s robot designed for research purposes. These developments reflect India’s progress in robotics and AI, integrating technology into various aspects of life and industry.


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