Personality Test

About the Course

To assist the candidates in their preparation for the Interview, we undertake the Personality Test Guidance Programme within a week after the Main results are announced. We know, you all are well versed with current national and international affairs. What might be missing is nuances for the interview which is a face to face exercise unlike the earlier two stages of the exam process. To take care of the unique requirements of the personality tests, Mr. Sriram engages students in personal sessions which are based on the DAF (Detailed Application Form) and other relevant local, national and global affairs along with attitude and aptitude based questions.  Each candidate gets a separate time for interaction.

Classes are held for Personality Test by Mr. Sriram, Professors and Retired Civil Servants of high eminence.

The mock panels consist of Senior Retired Civil Servants and Professors.


  • Personal sessions – NO FEE.
  • 1 Mock – TBA
  • For previous students of SRIRAM’s IAS – NO FEE for Mock.


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