Today's Practice Question

  Sep 09, 2020

Today's Practice Question

Que. 1. ‘Globalization is generally said to promote cultural homogenization but due to this cultural specificities appear to be strengthened in the Indian Society. Elucidate. (UPSC - 2018) [150 Words]

Ans. Globalization can be defined as increasing global interconnectedness. It is a process which tends to interconnect different parts of the world. This interconnectedness is primarily an exchange of social, economic, political, cultural and technological attributes.  
Globalization is promoting cultural homogenization i.e reduction in cultural diversity through the popularization and diffusion of a wide array of cultural symbols—not only physical objects but customs, ideas and values. 
There is an increasing tendency towards ‘glocalization’ of culture which refers to the mixing of the global with the local culture. 
This “cultural homogenization” is witnessed in sectors like : 

However, globalization is not simply about homogenization, but it is also strengthening cultural specificities in India. 

Thus, relationship between globalisation and culture is complex with each impacting the other. The above examples indeed prove that cultural specificities appear to be strengthened in the Indian society.
So, It is true that cultural specificity appears to be strengthened in terms of cultural revivalism, religious revivalism etc.

Que. 2. Make an assessment of sociocultural impact of globalization in Indian society during the period of Covid-19.  [150 Words]

Ans. Globalisation as defined by sociologist Martin Albrow “all those process by which the people of the world are incorporated into a single world society” is defined as increasing global interconnectedness. 
From the social point of view, globalization seems to have significantly impacted the national life of countries such as life style, attitude, identity, work culture, family structure and values and eating habits etc. 
Culture: Globalization is expected to have impact on popular culture, festivals, literature, music and cinema and television etc. 
The outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan,  China, and its rapid spread across the world, exemplifies inter-connectedness and are effects of globalization basically. 
Socio-cultural Impact of globalisation in Indian society during COVID-19 period :

Apart from these positive impacts it has also caused impoverishment, malnutrition, ethnic conflicts, domestic violence, marginalisation of poor, dropout of children and unwanted pregnancy. 
Thus, globalisation has although altered or had huge socio-cultural impacts over our society but it has radically altered its course during COVID-19 what various experts are saying as beginning of an “era of deglobalisation”.