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Science & Technology Classroom Test

  May 10, 2023

Science & Technology Classroom Test

Main Examination Pattern


  • Answer all TEN of the following questions.
  • Time : 90 Minutes
  • The number of marks carried by each question and world limits are indicated at the end of the question.
  • Please email your answer sheet on Please mention your name, batch and Test Paper name in Subject line.

Q1. Stating the significance of space tourism, enlist the challenges associated with it. 

Q2. Discuss how the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology's (MeitY's) National Strategy on Blockchain can give an impetus to the use of blockchain technology in India. 

Q3. Discuss the potential of nuclear fusion in providing sustainable energy.  Analyse the role played by the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in achieving this potential. 

Q4. India's lunar missions, besides attesting to the development of space technology in India, have contributed significantly in exploring the lunar surface. Discuss. 

Q5. Despite various advantages of satellite-based internet connectivity, its adoption has been sluggish due to several factors. Discuss. 

Q6. What is Computer Vision? Discuss its various applications in the modern world. 

Q7. The Gaganyaan mission could propel India to the centre of human space exploration. In this context, discuss the significance of the mission and associated challenges. 

Q8. Despite nuclear power providing clear advantages over conventional fossil fuel based power, its adoption in recent years has been marred by various challenges. Discuss. 

Q9. Bring out the differences between 4G and 5G technology. Highlighting the potential of 5G, discuss the challenges in rolling out 5G technology in India. 

Q10. India has the potential to leverage artificial intelligence technology to build frameworks to empower people, create equity and achieve economic development. Discuss.