Physical Geography Class Test

  Jul 31, 2022

Physical Geography Class Test

Main Examination Pattern


Q1. Discuss the internal structure of the Earth and comment on S and P-waves shadow zones with suitable diagrams. 

Q2. Discuss about the causes of earthquakes and their distribution across the world. Suggest remedial measures to mitigate the disaster risk of earthquakes. 

Q3. Discuss the major factors that are responsible for the origin of ocean currents across the globe.

Q4. Explain the various types of landforms formed under Karst topography. 

Q5. Explain the term earthquake swarms and how they are different from aftershocks and foreshocks.

Q6. What are the causes of ocean currents? How do currents affect the temperature of a region?

Q7. Explain the geological and palaeontological evidence of continental drift theory. 

Q8. What are seismic waves? Give a detailed account of different types of seismic waves. 

Q9. Account for variations in oceanic salinity and discuss its multi-dimensional effects.

Q10. How do ocean currents and water masses differ in their impacts on marine life and coastal environment? Give suitable examples.