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Modern Indian History Classroom Test

  Apr 20, 2023

Modern Indian History Classroom Test

Main Examination Pattern


  • Answer all TEN of the following questions. 
  • Test duration is 90 Minutes.
  • Answers to questions no. 1 to 5 should be in 150 words (10 Marks), whereas answers to Questions No. 6 to 10 should be in 250 Words (15 Marks).
  • Please email your answer sheet on Please mention your name, batch and Test Paper name in Subject line.

Q1. The resistance to the colonial rule in India was as old as the rule itself. Comment. 

Q2.  Mahatma Gandhi was born in India but was made in South Africa. Elaborate. 

Q3. To what extent did the activism and political participation of women in Indian National movement promote a feminist consciousness in colonial India? Examine critically. 

Q4. The welfare of the depressed classes in Indian society has always been a concern. Discuss the differences in approaches of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in this regard. 

Q5. Subhas Chandra Bose was one of the finest products of Indian renaissance. Discuss his ideology and political vision.

Q6. The revolutionary terrorism has changed the course of India’s struggle for Independence. So, in context due to which reasons which led to the beginning of Revolutionary Terrorism in India. Discuss.

Q7. The arrival of Simon Commission had led to the widespread protests in India. Discuss the reasons behind the appointment of Simon Commission and was the immediate response to the Commission by the Indians? 

Q8. Do you think that the Quit India Movement is the decisive moment in the India’s struggle for Independence.

Q9. Do you think that the Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed to stop the revolutionary activities in India. 

Q10. The beginning of Non-cooperation movement has made the Indians confident for getting independence from foreign rule. Discuss its impact on subsequent freedom movements in pre-independence India?