Habeas Corpus

  Mar 19, 2022

Habeas Corpus

Q Why is it in News ?

A The Supreme Court has decided to examine a habeas corpus plea made by the children of a Pakistan national who they believe has been unlawfully detained for seven years.

Q What is Habeas Corpus?

Q What is Article 32?

Q What are Rights protected by Article-32 ?

Types of Writs under it

Both the High Courts and the Supreme Court can be approached for violation or enactment of fundamental rights through five kinds of writs:

  1. Habeas corpus (related to personal liberty in cases of illegal detentions and wrongful arrests)
  2. Mandamus — directing public officials, governments, courts to perform a statutory duty;
  3. Quo Warranto — to show by what warrant is a person holding public office;
  4. Prohibition — directing judicial or quasi-judicial authorities to stop proceedings which it has no jurisdiction for; and
  5. Certiorari — re-examination of an order given by judicial, quasi-judicial or administrative authorities.