Jul 01, 2020


What is GEMINI?

Gagan Enabled Mariner’s Instrument for Navigation and Information. It is low cost satellite-based communication device for ocean states forecast and mapping potential fishing zones. It will provide seamless and effective dissemination of emergency information and communication on disaster warnings, Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) and Ocean States Forecasts (OSF) to fishermen.

Why do we need GEMINI when we have mobile phones and VHF radio?

Though the advisories and forecasts are disseminated through multiple communication modes, none of them could provide such information, including the disaster warnings when the fishermen move away from the coast beyond 10-12 km (typical ranges of mobile phones and VHF). That remained as a major limitation in disseminating the information to fishermen who go in the sea beyond 50 nautical miles; sometimes up to 300 nautical miles and beyond to conduct multiday fishing. This lacuna was severely felt during the Ockhi cyclone in 2017.

GEMINI is satellite based hence overcomes this limitation. GEMINI can receive information from GAGAN satellites at any point in Indian ocean thus useful for fishermen going far away from coast on multiday fishing. Being a Satellite based communication, it is highly useful in dealing with cyclones, high waves and tsunamis.

Which agencies are responsible for creation of GEMINI, mechanism on which GEMINI works?

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) joined hands with Airports Authority of India (AAI) to develop low-cost GAGAN system-enabled GEMINI. GEMINI receives the messages transmitted through the GAGAN satellite system to transmit the PFZ, OSF and disaster warnings to fishermen. The GEMINI device receives and transfers the data received from GAGAN satellite to a mobile through Bluetooth communication. A mobile application developed by INCOIS decodes and displays the information in nine regional languages.

Simple flow of process

Satellite transfers information to GEMINI on boat of fisherman → GEMINI transfers information to mobile of fisherman through Bluetooth → Display of information on Mobile of fisherman in local language.

What is GAGAN?

GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) is satellite based navigation system. Developed by ISRO and AAI. GAGAN system consisting of three geosynchronous satellites (GSAT-8, GSAT-10 and GSAT-15). GAGAN foot-print covers the entire Indian Ocean round the clock.

What are PFZ advisories?

Locating and catching fish is always a challenging task. Often, the search for fish ends up in spending considerable time and resources, thus increasing the cost leading to low profitability. PFZ Advisories provide information on the probable locations on fish aggregation in the seas. The PFZ advisories help in increased fish catch (2-5 times) and reducing searching time (about 30-70%), which leads to savings towards cost of fuel.

What is OSF?

OSF provides the accurate state of the ocean. It includes the forecasts on winds, waves, ocean currents, water temperature, etc. at every 6 hrs. on daily basis for next 5 days helping fishermen in maximizing their earnings, ensuring safety and in planning of fishing activities.