FCRA and Civil Society Organisations

  Feb 06, 2022

FCRA and Civil Society Organisations

Q What is the context  ?

A Recently, the Missionaries of Charity established by Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa was in the news for the cancellation of its permission under the FCRA.

Q Why is there issue with FCRA permissions ?

Q What are the various restrictions ?

Q Why do we need Civil Society Organisations?

1. Ensuring efficiency and accountability from state: The first is that they ask for greater efficiency, delivery and accountability from the state.

2.  Correcting extractive nature of market: The second vertical is in correcting the extractive nature of markets.

3.  Picking up niche causes: The third is basically picking up causes that are so niche that it is beyond the capability of the state to come up with such initiatives.

Q Should these organisations accept foreign funding?

Q What can be Way forward ?

A The government needs to ensure that the regulations do not create hurdles for the civil society organisations in their functioning and receiving fundings