Election Freebies and Related Issues

  Jun 17, 2022

Election Freebies and Related Issues

Q What is the context  ?

A India could end up facing a Sri Lanka-type economic crisis if it doesn’t stop the “culture of freebies” and subsidies in sectors like agriculture, NITI Aayog member Ramesh Chand has warned.

Q What is a Freebie?

Examples of freebies

  1. Promise of Rs 15 lakh in our bank accounts
  2. Free TV, Laptops
  3. Free electricity
  4. Loan waivers
  5. Offering free public transport ride to all women in Delhi

Q Why are such policies popular among the public?

Q Can Freebies be compared with Welfare Politics?

Q What is Impact of such policies ?

Q What cannot be accounted to a freebie?

Q What are Arguments in favour ?

Q What is a rational analysis of freebies ?

So are not freebies meant only to attract voters and swing voters by concentrating on a preferential group or community?

Q What can be the Way forward ?