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Founded by SRIRANGAM SRIRAM more than 3 decades ago, SRIRAM’s IAS has emerged as one of the leading institutes in India with the vision to be the Centre of Excellence and the mission to develop knowledgeable and innovative leaders.
We are a premier institute dedicated to training candidates appearing for Civil Services Examination. We have 35 years of experience in guiding candidates successfully to prestigious government positions.
Our faculty is predominantly in house though we do borrow services of distinguished professors and public servants (Civil and Defence).
We have developed techniques and methods for cutting short the learning curve because year on year we get to interact with tens of thousands of fine young minds.
We hesitate to brag about our record of success because much of the work is that of the students.
Rest assured our success rate has been the highest.

Our High Success Rate
Our experienced and dynamic team of experts and teachers is convinced that the method of teaching should be completely oriented on examination lines. Previous question papers, spanning decades are the basis of our approach. As the examination trends change, so does our emphasis. In fact quite often the trends are predicted in the classroom. That explains our high success rate.

about sriramias building
To be the CENTER of EXCELLENCE to ensure our students are successful and that they achieve their aspirations within a time frame.
To empower aspirants of Civil Services to excel by imparting to them right and relevant information and perspective. The aim is to help them acquire appropriate analytical skills to be on their own.
The strategy of SRIRAM's IAS for making students benefit immensely by their association with us is
dot Exam-oriented classroom coaching.
dot Study material that is indispensable.
dot Relevant information in the form of Q&As, MCQs and other channels.
dot No dumbing down in the classroom because learning is interactive and accountable process.
dot Every teacher everywhere has answers but SRIRAM's IAS teachers have CORRECT ANSWERS.
dot Our notice board is an effective way of briefing the students on the most important current events and analysis - selected from all top newspapers from the country like The Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times and some pink papers like Economic Times.
dot We are the only institution that gives a three page digital handut everyday. Analyzing all current events contained in The Hindu newspaper Delhi edition.
dot Everday our students are familiarized with MCQs so that their preparation in the Preliminary Examination is on a sure footing.
dot Our Test Series is of immense value as thousands of discerning student would vouch for.
dot Our students are given AAA study material for atleast 50 GENERAL ESSAYS in the course of the coaching programme.
dot Our monthly current affairs magazine adds decisive value to the aspirant's preparation.
dot Everyday students are given practice question which they answer for evaluation by our experienced team.
dot Our research team consists of young students from prestigious universities who have ample experience with the examination process including the Personality Test.

Students are continously interacting with the teachers before and after the class; by email; and in the faculty room and on WhatsApp.

SRIRAM's IAS is at your service till you are in Civil Service.