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    Some of Our Recent Alumni and their Comments

    Ashish Sangwan IAS
    "Thanks from the bottom of my heart."
    Praveenya Reddi IAS
    "General Studies coaching was hugely useful, Ethics classes particularly."
    Eesha Priya IAS
    "Grateful for the Guidance. General Studies classes were the decider."
    Kranthi Valluru IAS
    "Thank you sir, GS was crucial."
    Annapurna Garg IAS
     "Thank you for the light shown by you. Your energy was always an inspiration to emulate."
    Aakriti Sagar IAS
    "..thank you for your immense help and guidance."
    Samir Saurabh IPS
    "Thanks for your guidance and blessings."
    Simranjeet Singh Kahlon IAS
    "Thank you SRIRAM's IAS "

    Sameer Shaikh IPS
    "Thank You and I am glad to say that SRIRAM's IAS is the best ias coaching institute"

    Lok Bandhu IAS
    "Thank you so much"
    Vedita Reddy IAS
    "Thanks for the guidance.I am your biggest fan.."
    Ananya Mittal IAS
    "Thanks. I can still recall the class."
    Pawan Agrawal IAS
    “Thank you so much for guidance”

    Tanvi Hooda IAS
    Ashutosh Garg IAS
    Ravi Ranjan IAS
    "General Studies Coaching helped me immensely. Thank you so much."
    Amit Pandey IAS
    “General Studies made the difference. Thank you so much.”
    “And so many more sweet students of SRIRAM'S”