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SRIRAM's IAS in the New System of Examination

Weight of General Studies was increased in 2013 and the first Mains Examination was held with the new syllabus in December 2013. The new syllabus has more of Polity, Economy, Geography and History. Since Sriram's is known for its unmatched competence in these areas, we had come out on top in the new system. Additionally, a new Paper of General Studies was introduced. It breaks up into four sections of which Emotional Intelligence, Aptitude and Attitude is one part. Quotations from great moral thinkers from India and western world is another. Important virtues of civil servants and other social leaders like humility, compassion, impartiality and intellectual integrity is the third pillar. Case studies are the last one. Sriram's excelled in all these areas in the very first year- thanks to its experienced faculty and its dedication. We are broadening and deepening our coverage even more of these areas. Thus, expanded General Studies, like rest of the General Studies benefited our students quite well. We hope to add even more value in the years ahead.

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