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      Question of the Day

      Uploaded on 16/10/2017
      Question : Consider the following statements about Kuiper-Edgeworth Belt.
      1. It is a flat ring of icy small bodies that revolve around the Sun beyond the orbit of Jupiter.
      2. This belt is thought to be the source of most of the observed short-period comets.
      Which of the above statements is/are correct?
      1 only
      2 only
      Both 1 and 2
      Neither 1 nor 2

      Uploaded on 14/10/2017
      Question : The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of a number of gases. Arrange them in the decreasing order by volume.
      Nitrogen > Oxygen > Argon > Carbon Dioxide
      Nitrogen > Oxygen > Carbon Dioxide > Hydrogen
      Nitrogen > Oxygen > Carbon Dioxide > Water Vapour
      Oxygen > Nitrogen > Carbon Dioxide > Hydrogen