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      Question of the Day

      Uploaded on 13/01/2018
      Question : ‘Project Varshadhari’, recently seen in news is a/an:
      Rainwater harvesting project
      Cloud Seeding Project
      Satellite based hydrology mapping project
      None of these

      Uploaded on 12/01/2018
      Question : Consider the following about ‘National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)’:
      1. NHRC is a constitutional body.
      2. The chairperson of the NHRC should be a retired Chief Justice of India. 
      3. The chairperson and members of NHRC are selected by a body consisting of Prime Minister, Home Minister and the Chief Justice of India.
      Select the correct answer using the codes given below.
      1 and 3 only
      2 and 3 only
      2 only
      1, 2 and 3