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Question of the Day

Uploaded on 24/09/2016
Question : One of the following is not a terrorist group in Africa
Al Shabab
Boko Haram
Abu Sayyaf
None of the above

Uploaded on 23/09/2016
Question : The Maghreb region consists of 
1. most of the region of western North Africa  west of Egypt and includes  
2. Atlas Mountains and the coastal plains of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.
Which one/s of the above is/are correct?
1 only
2 only
Both 1 and 2
Neither 1 nor 2

Uploaded on 22/09/2016
Question : Consider the following statements and answer which one of them is correct
1. Afghan-India Friendship Dam is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam project
2. it is popularly known as Salma Dam
3. it is located   located on the Hari River 
4. in the  Herat Province in western Afghanistan
1 and 4 only
1, 2 and 4 only
1, 3 and 4 only
1, 2, 3 and 4

Uploaded on 21/09/2016
Question : London Interbank Offered Rate is an
exchange rate
interest rate
inflation rate
All of the above

Uploaded on 20/09/2016
Question : One of the following is not a sovereign rating agency

Fitch Group
Standard & Poor's (S&P)

Uploaded on 19/09/2016
Question : Which one/s of the following statements is/are incorrect?
  1. Rao Tula Ram  was one of the key leaders of the Indian rebellion of 1857, in Haryana
  2.  He is credited with temporarily driving all of the British rule from the region
  3.  After the 1857 uprising ended, he left India, met rulers of Iran and Afghanistan, and also established contacts with the Tsar of Russia, to seek their help in driving the British from India
  4. In 1857 Pran Sukh Yadav along with Rao Tula Ram  fought with the British in the Battle of Narnaul which  was one of the most ferocious battles of the First War of Indian Independence
1 only
2 only
4 only
None of the above

Uploaded on 18/09/2016
Question : All but one/some of the following women is/are foremost warriors and patriots from Karnataka.
Answer the correct one
1. Abbakka Rani
2. Keladi Chennamma
3. Kittur Chennamma
4. Onake Obavva
1 only
4 only
1 and 2 only
None of the above

Uploaded on 17/09/2016
Question : Which one of the following is correct?
1. Kittur Chennamma  was the first Indian female ruler to lead an armed rebellion against the British East India Company.
2. The revolt took place in 1824
1 only
2 only
Both 1 and 2
Neither 1 nor 2

Uploaded on 16/09/2016
Question : Which one/s of the statements given below is/are correct?
Pluto and Ceres are known as dwarf planets
both were visited by spacecrafts for the first time recently
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)

Uploaded on 14/09/2016
Question : Claude Elwood Shannon whose birth centenary is being celebrated in 2016 was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer known as the father of
information age
space age
contemporary mathematics
video games

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