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Uploaded on 25/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following statements is correct?
Meghalaya in November 2016 became the first state to start India's first Cherry Blossom Festival
Cherry Blossom Festival is popularly known as Sakura Festival in Japan
Other countries hold it in April every year
All the above
Uploaded on 25/11/2016 
Question : Five Zonal Councils  were set up under the States’Reorganization Act, 1956. One of the following is wrong about these bodies
ZCs foster Inter-State co-operation and co-ordination among the States
The Zonal Councils are mandated to discuss and make recommendations on any matter of common interest in the field of economic and social planning, border disputes, linguistic minorities or inter-State transport etc.
they are all headed by Union Home Minister in his ex-officio capacity
none of the above
Uploaded on 24/11/2016 
Question :  The Department of Sainik Welfare is being set up in the following state  to provide services to Ex-Servicemen (ESM) of the State in a more efficient and effective manner
Uploaded on 23/11/2016 
Question : Mark the incorrect one from below about "Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD)”
it aims to promote women entrepreneurs
it aims to promote dalit entrepreneurs
it is operated by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
it is meant for non- farm activities
Uploaded on 22/11/2016 
Question : Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (ASIDE) is funded by
1. Union Government
2. States themselves 
3. World Bank
4. International Monetary Fund
1 and 3
1 and 4
3 only
2 only
Uploaded on 21/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following is correct about Masala Bonds?
They are floated by the Reserve Bank of India
They are offered to foreign investors
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)
Uploaded on 20/11/2016 
Question : Following is incorrect about a recent patent that Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) was granted.
Waterless chrome tanning technology is developed by it
it is for waterless and salt-less tanning, that would save water and the environment
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)
Uploaded on 19/11/2016 
Question : Government has decided to merge Rail Budget with the Union Budget from budget year 2017-18. One of the effects given below is not correct
Railways will get exemption from payment of dividend to GOI
Ministry of Finance will provide Gross Budgetary Support to Ministry of Railways towards meeting part of its capital expenditure
Railways may continue to raise resources from market through Extra-Budgetary Resources as at present to finance its capital expenditure
there will be set up a Railway development Fund in the Public Account of India
Uploaded on 18/11/2016 
Question : About Dr A P J Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards, following is incorrect
National Innovation Foundation organises the awards
It is given for creative technological ideas/innovations
For students up to class 12th
None of the above
Uploaded on 17/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following incorrect? Council for Trade Development and Promotion
was constituted in 2015
It would ensure a continuous dialogue with State Governments and UT’s on measures for providing an international trade enabling environment in the States
it and create a framework for making the States active partners in boosting India’s exports
it is headed by the Prime Minister
Uploaded on 16/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following is incorrect?
Department of Science and Technology (DST) has a popular outreach programme, conceived to make children take early on to science and research
It is called INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research)
INSPIRE Awards are rechristened MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge) recently
None of the above
Uploaded on 15/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following is incorrect about the "supermoon"?
apogee-syzygy a micromoon
perigee-syzygy is supermoon
supermoon always coincides with a total lunar eclipse
None of the above
Uploaded on 09/11/2016 
Question : Which one of the following is incorrect? A mobile Application “System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research –Air” (SAFAR-Air)
provides site specific information on Air Quality in near real time and its forecast for the next 24 hours
It was launched by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (ESSO-IITM), Pune The There is proposal to extend this SAFAR-Air facility for Mumbai
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)
Uploaded on 07/11/2016 
Question :
Procedure to be adopted for renaming villages/ towns/ cities etc in India says the following. Which one/s is/are correct?
1. These are also applicable for renaming of a Railway Station
2. The proposals for renaming a town/ city/ village/ railway station are to be submitted by the State Governments to the Central Government for approval.
3. Though Central Government accords approval, Gazette Notification giving effect to the change is issued by the State Government concerned
4. Approval of the president of India is required.
2 and 3 only
1, 2 and 3 only
1 and 2 only
1, 2, 3 and 4
Uploaded on 04/11/2016 
Question : World's largest marine protected area is coming up in
Ross sea in Antarctic
Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Ocean
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)
Uploaded on 28/10/2016 
Question : India is expected to host a conference in the next two months to make global investors aware of the potential economic importance of
Chahbahar port
Haldia port
Paradip port
Krishnapatam port
Uploaded on 27/10/2016 
Question : Given below are three statements. Which ones are correct?
1. Sidi Sayed Mosque was built in 1573
2. It was built by Abyssinian Sidi Saiyyed
3. It represents an Indo-African connection
1 and 2 only
2 and 3 only
1 and 3 only
1, 2 and 3
Uploaded on 26/10/2016 
Question : Happiness Department is being set up for the first time in the following state of India
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Uploaded on 25/10/2016 
Question : Answer the incorrect one about the Apatani
they are a tribal group
living in the Ziro valley
in Arunachal Pradesh state
none of the above
Uploaded on 24/10/2016 
Question : Union Government recently constituted 8-member inter-ministerial committee to prepare a blueprint for doubling farmers’ income by 2022. The committee is headed by
Ashok Dalwai
Ashok Gulati
Mahendra Dev
Govinda Rao

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