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      Uploaded on 09/02/2018
      Question : Which among the following is the central theme of ‘Article 142’ of the Indian constitution?
      Presidential Reference
      Special Leave Petition
      Original Jurisdiction
      None of these
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      Uploaded on 08/02/2018
      Question : Directions: Given below are two statements labelled as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). In the context of the two statements, which of the following is correct?
      Assertion (A): Temperature inversion can occur during night when there is a clear sky.
      Reason (R): Ground cools off rapidly during night by radiation mechanism.
      Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
      Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.
      A is true but R is false.
      A is false but R is true.
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      Uploaded on 07/02/2018
      Question : Consider the following about ‘National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)’:
      1. The chairperson of the NHRC should be a retired Supreme court judge.
      2. The Chairpersons of four National Commissions i.e. Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women and Minorities serve as ex officio members of NHRC.
      Select the incorrect answer using the codes given below.
      1 only
      2 only
      Both 1 and 2 
      Neither 1 nor 2
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